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Deacon is Independent?


START HERE> SORRY SO LONG<  will get shorter once you see the light. If not then turn off and watch more Basketball like Colleen and other liberals who know it all about energy and its evilness.



the TV show. coming soon.

They called me stupid and uninformed because of this cartoon,  and other newspaper would not print it. And we are democrats.  Our party has failed us.   FAIR AND BALANCED?


SHE SAYS SHE'S FOR THE WORKING FAMILIES AND THE MIDDLE CLASS AND NOT, THAT'S NOT,  FOR THE EVIL WEALTHY PEOPLE AND CORPORATIONS.  Who thinks like this?  Why the class warfare?  Stupid idea. now you   will   fail.      watch...


WHY  WOULD A 39 YEAR OLD LADY AND HER SMART TEAM APPROVE AND WRITE THIS COMMERCIAL?     WHY WOULD THEY BELIEVE THAT THIS WORKS ++++++++++++++ AND IF IT DOES THEN NOW  I KNOW WHY   Rachel Maddow sells all those 300 horse,  500 grams of co2 per mile, 19 mpg,   fully loaded,  pearl painted, remote entry, big tires ,  high maintenance co2 vehicles like   Jags,  Mercedes, Land Rovers, Cadillac DTS, Lincolns, Lexus,  Subarus,  etc.  during her shows,  same with MSNBC,  to pay her her 8 mill salary.  And she too,  thinks   " drilling is a stupid idea ".   Why buy a red truck then and not a SONIC or a YARUS.?  She also says, "we export more oil than we import "  True or False.  Got more..

Does Colleen hate her because she is rich for doing nothing?


Her father looses his job. Only two weeks sev pay. Evil corporations again.   What did he do after?  Did he become an auto body guy, or was that to low, a diesel mechanic,  too hard, what?  Truck driver?  construction, electrical ?  what did he do since you opened the door via the commercial and emails.   Didnt know  companies like Qualcomm, NXP semiconductor,  IBM,  Microsoft, Tesla, Solar City,  etc..... are all evil corporations. Why the jaded class warfare. Best you got?


This is an energy  class that is fair and balanced .  You can leave now.  But energy is paramount to your life.  More than other secondary issues.  Trust me.  Cant build clean energy platforms  in  weak economic chaos.

It is about my crazy experiences with my democratic party voters at  Colleen's fundraisers,  town meetings,  political meetings,  Sierra Club meetings, Maffei Parties,  one Hillary meeting, etc.,

Question to reporters.

how did we get so stupid on the energy we use,  and why cant we talk about it honestly without being told to TURN OFF YOUR CAMERA?????  Or  being called a DENIER.  And why doesn't any of them want to learn?   Colleen fails the energy test cause she doesn't want to learn...see our emails....  Why would she want to stop her knowledge at ... I AM AGAINST FRACKING?  That's it.

In the interview in the Syr New Times  she says she would not change a thing.  Did she read the 2016 Dem platform?

So I learned  that's all shes got on the energy  issues?  So we tried to open her up. We failed.   So much for transparency the Post talked about.

Did she really go to people's homes and TALK and listen to their ideas and issues? Or is it fake. She never came to our or others  party we wanted to have at the 1820 Restaurant or at the firehouse or at Venack Farms.  Thanks,,, for the misrepresentations.  So professional.  Go watch more football. Thats why we stopped sending money.  4000$.


Hope you are not a HOMOHEAD  like Colleen and her team. ?    See the two half  hemispherical idiots on the front page.  Guess how they got that way.?   Too rigid.  Ideology affects biology and that affects evolution.  You get it.   We got so dumb downed  by the  superficial media on energy that we now hate energy.  Is that SUVs advertised on the back page of the Syracuse new Times for real?  . And they wont print our pro energy cartoons.  Not good..   After all, why could Professor  Dr RUBIN of SU,  get energy all  wrong.  ( see joe's movie, The Sub-Standard, - a satire of mismanagement by the content directors at SYR.COM.   It was on Access TW.  See it . )

Back to Colleen and her relationship with the Sierra Club. I'm a member.  Yet they wont answer my questions about why anyone would want to kill fracking nation wide and ON federal lands when you want to create federal infrastructure  jobs, ( i know clean energy does too,  so stop )   we are for states rights.  If NY doesn't want to frack,  then fine.

But leave Dakota and Texas, Alaska alone.  We should appreciate their sacrifice LIKE the CHINESE  environment, children and workers making our toxic materials for our clean energy wind turbines, etc,  Remember, over a ton of REEs are in each windmill. Guess how much radioactive residue and waste water is generated and stored  in  a 7 mile radioactive residue waste lakes?  Try to do this in America and do it within EPA mandates.   Cant be done or GORE would do it .  The Sierra members would not invest in it.  They are afraid of the hard work...and criticism  when they cant comply with the Clean water and Air Act.  plus price would reflect that.

i believe a ton costs of REEs for turbines etc. cost approx 20 gs.  but  with all the pollution mandates it would cost about 120 gs.

Think of the subs the USA would have to grant now. to be competitive........

Also solar platforms.  read about this instead of the sports page . Can you melt Silicon Grant  with solar power or gas?  How hot does it have to be to melt?  the emissions?  Forget about it....

So Colleen  why make drilling on fed lands illegal for federal infrastructure projects.? Wake up.  Or you will loose.  Guess how much oil that is?

You should know before you love the Sierra people. I'll tell you since you know more about basketball than energy materials.  We need the 650 million barrels a year from Fed lands for...............................FOR:

1. fossil and clean green jobs.  Both go hand in Hand.  ( how do YOU get the raw materials of neodymium, polysilicon, lithium,  etc... you mine with big trucks  and transport )

2.    cutting imports of oil  from unstable areas that are getting worse.  Yes/ No? ,

3. rebuilding our massive federal infrastructure for the next twenty years,  fuel and steel to mine and manufacture  process/ore for neodymium and dysprosium  materials for the magnets in wind turbines that weigh 2 tons.  What about the specialized grease and tranny fluids?  who do you want to manufacture that?   Why not invest the oil companies that make windmill products that help makes them run  for ten years.?

Are we that blind by our socialization?  YES MY RESEARCH SHOWS.

Thanks Climate people.   Thanks  Sierra special interests.  Hey,  who drives  the  19mpg , pearl painted from NG,  400 grams of co2 per mile,  all wheel drive fully loaded, CRV with 12 pieces of chrome around all the windows.  What a waste of toxic materials and co2 to make and recycle.

Buy a car without chrome or fake plastic chrome if you really care about Climate change... try it.   Don't hate me for pointing this waste out to you.  Forget Hamilton the musical.  be the man.

So,  yes. DEMOCRATS HATE ME for these questions cause NO ONE WANTS TO BE FOR OIL.   We all want to be the intellectual who knows more  and has the hip lifestyle.   Well its over.


PS.  GORE cant even invest in an  REE  mining,  MOLY CORP,  and comply . Explain this.  They hate me for understanding the truths  about  Fossil fuels and their hypocrisy.  I and we,  ( intentional )  are willing to fight, like ISIS to, to promote our cause.   Did I just write that?  Call the FBI.  BUT read on.  Cause....

who was at the  Elitist-Racist,  Exclusionary   2016 Democratic Drafting Committee meetings  who said,   " we're fighting not just the Republicans, but also the incrementalist,  within the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.  That's ME.....Where is my SAFE space???????

( us infidels  who disagree are now hated  more thanks to this guy  and Colleen.   )  The ALL NEW  DEMOCRATIC PARTY.


No  Energy experts not associated with the Sierra People,  not one real  working family voter,  not one talented oil energy company or CTO or CEO. .  Just angry Bill Mc Kibben  and  the spoiled Sanders people.  ( this is stuff the Syracuse New Times and Mr Lammer and Rogers at the Post should print )

Anyways,  lets start our education on why us dems are so hateful of energy yet drive the most fuel inefficient vehicles  in the world.  I don't care what you drive just don't bully me at democratic meetings because I am pro-energy for all the logical reasons.


Good message to send to poor families... Waste your money on a fuel inefficient land Rover you'll never have or want. Yet hate the white Exxon.

What about Climate Change? And the Paris agreement promising not  to be a status seekers?   Why not mock this, Daily Show,  SNL,  Rachel Maddow?  Didn't Rachel buy a big  red TRUCK?     But she too, hates big evil oil.    After years of research......this is what I learned about my democratic party. I guess I am an infidel.  Apostacy? yes.  I type fast and make mistakes so forgive me GOD, for I have sinned by not kissing Colleen's ass.

we democratic infidels decided to research why our party all of a sudden started to hate on energy workers and supporters.  Can't all be because of climate Change and CO2.  The world does 37 billion tones a year,   and we do only 5 and its gone down 1 Billion metric tones. So even if we where all dead, Even ESF and Bill McKIbben, the world would still not meet any goals. Especially after seeing all the SUVs the kids and Hosts drive on MTV's  Sweet 16, Jersey Shores and Catfish  shows. .  Cant these kids be forced my  black management to drive smaller vehicles?  MTV and VH1.  do your part..

Colleen and her teams ideas will hurt working families .   Killing fracking nation wide would kill 2 million barrels a day. Where does her people want to get it from?  Nigerian National Oil Co.?  Russia? ETC/

Erin, her team leader blew us off also... So Erin ,   how much oil is needed to rebuild our infrastructure? Do you want oil to be selling for 120 a barrel when you rebuild or 55?

Guess where asphalt and petrocoke to melt steel comes from?  Oil from federal lands?  Read the democratic platform,  it says  "us democrats want to buy american steel to rebuild the roads etc.' YET buy imported oil.  Wow?

Fracking waste water bad.  So,   then work with GE and make evaporators to help clean the waste water from  fracking platforms, and also from  wind turbine neodymium processing, silicon melting,  lithium purification platforms,  etc.  All pollute water..   Wake up and help..


If Exxon only does two million barrels a day then why not invest to keep the windmills operating smoothly,  and to keep oil coming to help full the 18 million barrels a day us working families need daily.  How stupid can us dems  be to sell 17 million cars without adequate planning for these  future vehicles?  WOW. No wonder they lost the right side of their brain.   H.D.S.  disease.   H.D.S.

Hemispherical        Ideological    "Dystruction".   HIDS .   Do you have it?

remember this is a 5 week course.  sorry so long. hope you learned something in this poor attempt to educate...

please see other cartoons they would not print over the ten years.

Joe vecchio and Friends.  Hope I embarrassed no one.  Just trying ....